At Even Haven it's family first followed closely by Bev's love of horses, and Larry's love of Bev! They are the proud parents of two wonderful children.  Their son Travis lives in Minneapolis with his wife Sonia, daughter Hawthorne, and Bartleby "the granddog".  Daughter, Kandy, lives just miles away and shares mom's love of horses.  She and her husband Jason have three children. Jerett is 17 and loves hunting, fishing, and sports.  Their daughters Karley 12 and Evie 10 both share the horse-a-holic gene and you'll find them frequenting the 4H Horse Shows and SESDHSA open shows in the spring and summer months with their horses.  


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Couldn't be more proud of our son and daughter-in-law.....have a listen!

"Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" cover by Lovely Dark

"Happy Mother's Day" by Travis & Sonia Even

Woke up to the best surpirse every this morning.  Missy foaled early and snuck in a gorgeous buckskin
tobiano colt sired by Lil More Conclusive.  You couldn't paint a prettier colt!  So thrilled!
Wowie, wow, wow.  We welcomed Reese's SMOKEY BLACK APHA Tobiano filly sired by Lil More Conclusive tonight.  Divinity is perfect!  She has a beautiful dished head, tiny fox ears, straight legs, and a people loving disposition already! Be sure to like our facebook page to watch her grow!
Can't Touch A Diamond was loaded and headed east for a long trip to her new home in
Delaware!  She will be one gorgeous show mare!  Best of luck and safe travels Gracie!
We said farewell to Skippin Cool Clue.  She was a great mare for us, but we are downsizing our AQHA mares, and looking for Skip's quality in a double homozygous APHA mare.  Contact us if you have one!  Skip went to Texas.  No more cold winters for her!  Lucky girl!
Big day at Even Haven Horses.  We said goodbye to Twist N Boogie as he left for his new home with JB Sport Horses in OK.  They adore him already and we feel very blessed to have found him such a loving home.  We know he will give them some amazing painted sport horses!
Elektra also said goodbye to Even Haven when her new owners picked her up and headed home to MI.  She has settled in and made fast friends with their other horses.  We really enjoyed visiting with her new owners, Ginger and Dan, thanks for making the trip!
We said good-bye to Honey Ofa Fella tonight as she began her journey to Eagle Rock Farm in Texas.  Congratulations and we hope she has many beautiful foals for you!
Patchy foaled a double homozygous black and white filly!  Charlette is as unique as they come.  One brown eye, and one blue.  Ink spots, halos, and disposition plus.  This filly will stand out in the show pen and then go onto become an amazing broodmare.  She's 5 panel negative and offered for sale!
Spirit foaled a beautiful palomino filly sired by Elvis White Diamond.  This filly is a perfect yellow package with a dished head and the sweetest disposition.  She is sale pending to DE!
Me Oh My! Tests are pending, but we believe Missy has given us a glorious cremello filly sired by Elvis White Diamond.  This filly is a full sister to Prissy and is every bit as nice.  Keep watching for updates on her test results!
Walked into the barn tonight after watching the grandson at his basketball camp and was greeted by a beautiful blue eyed buckskin filly!  What an amazing suprise!  Both Honey and filly Elektra are doing great!  They are for sale as a 2-in-1 us for more information on this pair!
Reese foaled an unbelievable buckskin tobiano colt.  This guy is all CLASS!  Definite show prospect or stallion.  
We welcomed our first foal of 2015 tonight.  Thor is a huge, classy Palomino colt sired by The Midas Touch Kid and our WC producing daughter of Ima Cool Skip.  This colt will be one for the show pen for sure! PHBA competitors should take a look at him!
Today we took a trip to Aberdeen and found Karley's new mare, Larkinetta.  We have one excited girl on our hands!
It is with mixed emotion that we wish to announce, SALE PENDING on our great stallion Twist N Boogie to our friends in Mexico City, Mexico.  Boogie has had a very successful career with us.  He has sired 20 foals, with an additional 5 more due in 2015.  Several are in the show circuits, with one being named a PtHA World Champion!  Our friends have purchased several of Boogie's offspring from us in the past and have made us an offer we can not refuse.  We know that Boogie will be in great hands and will continue to sire outstanding foals for them.  They currently have two of his son's in training for Charreria, the Mexican National Sport.  They also plan to train Boogie in this event, stand him as a stallion, and use him as a working horse. His foals are very sought after in Mexico due to their athletic ability, size, remarkable dispositions, and of course their beautiful color patterns.  We will say goodbye to Boogie in March, and will be breeding our mares to outside stallions for 2016.  We have kept back his double homozygous son, Call Me Mr Twister.  We hope he will fill his father's hoofprints.  Mexico will soon gain a great horse, and a definite breeding asset.
Miss Diamond Envy boarded a trailer today headed for North Carolina and her new show home.  We are thrilled that Ronnie and Joy Isley have decided to turn Aurora into their next winner!  Congratulations and best wishes.
We would like to congratulate repeat customers, Tyler and Jenny Tjeerdsma of SD on the purchase of Faith.  She is going to be an amazing mare!  We are sure thankful to be the ones to help you "paint" your barn! 
Apollo jumped into the trailer for the first time today and took a trip to his new home.  He is such a good boy and is becoming fast friends with his new owners 7 year old son.  Can't wait to see this pair in 4H in a few years!!  
Said goodbye to Gunner as she was loaded to make her trip south to Texas tonight.  Her new owner plans to continue showing her in reining classes.  Best of luck!
We welcomed our final foal of 2014 early this morning at 1:30am.  Scribblesbuckskindude had an absolutely amazing Black Tobiano Colt.  He's APHA Breeders Trust and homozygous black.  Tests pending for the tobiano gene.  Verdict is still out if he will be for sale.
Loaded Cisco onto a trailer headed for Mexico this afternoon.  He's got a long haul ahead of him, and much warmer weather!
Another afternoon foaling today at Even Haven (6pm).  Our double registered Mr Yella Fella daughter gave us an amazing palomino filly out of Elvis White Diamond.  She is picture perfect and we can't wait to see if she'll give Prissy some competition.  Her barn name is Aurora.  Be sure to watch for updates on her as she unfolds.
We said goodbye to our last mare out of Even Haven's Dr Zeuss tonight.  It's an end of an era.  EH Zeuss Angel Wings and her 2014 colt, Conan, are headed to Michigan along with Poised to Switch!  Boogie will have two 2015 foals in Michigan next year.  Congratulations to Tammy and her family!
4/30/14 Cash has been purchased as a stallion prospect and will be heading to Nebraska in July!  Congratulations Vicki!
EH Zeuss Angel Wings foaled a crazy colored black and white DOUBLE HOMOZYGOUS colt at 11pm out of Twist N Boogie.  Conan is big, correct, and will definitely be one to remember!  He's APHA Breeders Trust and for sale!
Honey Ofa Fella foaled this morning at 615am!  She had a nice built, long legged, bay tobiano colt.  He has a very appealing color pattern and will be a great APHA Breeders Trust Prospect.  Check him out on our foals tab!
Finally!!  After 4 days of waxing on and off our Ima Cool Skip daughter foaled a beautiful bay tobiano filly this afternoon at 520pm.  Daughter and granddaughters were able to help welcome Faith into the world!  It doesn't matter how many times we have a new foal, it's always such a miracle!
Great News!!  Our first INTERNATIONAL BOOGIE BABY was foaled this morning in Mexico!  A black double homozygous APHA Breeders Trust colt. Congratulations and best wishes on your amazing colt!
Reese our maiden mare foaled an amazing buckskin tobiano colt tonight at 11:30!  He's APHA Breeders Trust out of Twist N Boogie and our cremello daughter of The Midas Touch Kid!  With his bloodlines and color, including a black dipped tail, he will definitely get noticed in the show pen. He will be offered for sale.
Our newest addition to the broodmare band, Poised to Switch, had her foal tonight at 10:40pm.  Foaled easily and is a great momma.  She had a beautiful sorrel overo colt that has all the CHROME you could ask for.  He has two blue eyes, four very high socks, a belly spot, and his tail has been dipped in white.  We can already imagine just how stunning he will be on the rail.  He will be for sale, and would make a great show gelding or a stallion prospect!
We purchased two new mares to add to the fun at Even Haven.  One is Poised to Switch, an own daughter of Ima Switch Hitter.  She will be bred to Boogie for a 2015 foal.  The second is Peptos Paint Gun.  She's a granddaughter of both Peptoboonsmal and Colonel's Smoking Gun!  Trained in reining and earner of over $700 in NRHA she was a great find for sure!  
Horse Carriage Transport was here this evening and we said good-bye to Dee.  She began her journey to her new home in PA.  Safe travels!
Said good-bye to Zena tonight.  Congratulations to Tyler and Jenny from SD on their purchase of this beautiful Grulla mare.  Best of luck and we hope to see you guys at the shows this summer!
Just received word from AQHA that Prissy's official name is "ItsMissDiamondToYou".  Love this girl!
Boogie happily returned to Even Haven after completing 60 days under saddle.  He moves like a dream and looks awesome under saddle.  Be sure to check out his video to see for yourself.
Made a quick trip to Hersom Performance Horses this morning to check in on Boogie.  He has been under saddle now for 30 days.  We are extremely impressed with how he is coming along.  We plan to return at 45 days.  Watch for a video coming soon!
Said good-bye to "Sugar" this morning.  Loaded her on Horse Carriage Transport for Washington State. Big, beautiful, and our only Boogie filly this year.  Was hard to see her go, but know that she has great things in store.  Congratulations Holly, we wish you and Sugar the best!
Loaded Skips Late Valentine (Val), TR Legendary Look (Charlie), Jester, and Booger on the first leg of their long journey this morning.  These four lucky horses will never again see the blizzards of South Dakota!  They are all headed to MEXICO!  Val will foal the first international Twist N Boogie foal in Mexico next spring!!
It was a big day at Even Haven today. Twist N Boogie said goodbye to his mares for awhile and is on his way to Hersom Performance Horses where he will begin training under saddle! Keep watching for pictures and videos as he advances!
Said goodbye to "Arty" tonight as he boarded a trailer and began his long journey to MA!  We are very excited to see what his future holds.  Susan has plans to show him and one day stand him as a stallion.  Best of luck to both of you!!
Received a deposit today on "Booger", "Jester", Skips Late Valentine "Val", and TR Legendary Look "Charlie". These four lucky APHA horses are heading to MEXICO!  Come next January we will wish we went south with them!
Received a deposit today on "Arty" soon to be known as "SkipTheTwist N Boogie".  We would like to thank Susan from MA for her purchase of this great colt!  He's heading east soon and we're excited to watch what this pair will accomplish in the show pen!
5/22/13 - 9:40pm
Patchy foaled a big, classy black and white colt.  Even though we were hoping for a buckskin filly, the granddaughters are already in love with this guy.  He's homozygous black and the tests are pending for the tobiano gene.  Karley wants to make him her "show gelding" the verdict is still out on whether this guy will be for sale.​

4/18/13 - 1:00 am
Somebody pinch us please!!  Missy foaled a gorgeous Palomino filly out of Elvis White Diamond's at 1am this morning. We are beyond excited with the arrival of our new filly, Priscilla!    Perfect!
​Missy our double reg paly mare has waxed this morning and we are looking for a foal soon!  She is bred to Elvis White Diamond and we are beyond excited to see what these two will produce! 50% paly 50% cremello What will it be?
4/1/13 - 2:30 am
Angel our mare that we raised out of Even Havens Dr Zeuss and Skips Late Valentine foaled an outstanding black and white double homozygous stallion!  He has one blue eye and one brown.  Black in all the right places...and classy doesn't even begin to describe this guy!  APHA Breeders Trust/Double Homozygous/FOR SALE  His barn name is Jester, be sure to watch for updates!

3/25/13 - 11:10pm
Spirit has blessed us with an amazing bay tobiano filly!  Great conformation and you couldn't paint a prettier coat pattern if you tried!  This filly is as close to perfect as we have gotten!  Not sure the daughter or granddaughters will let us sell this one!  Still have 3 foals yet to come.....keep watching to see what we decide!

3/21/13 - 3:30am
Val foaled a spectacular black and white Double Homozygous colt.  He bounced right up and hasn't slowed down yet!  Happy and healthy.....that's how we like them!  Now to get a few nights sleep before Spirit is up! And of course Angel, our maiden mare is due soon too, so you just never know.  Hoping for an early filly this time!  Fingers crossed.
3/10/13 - 8pm
Both Val and Spirit are making pretty good bags which means the camera's are on, and I'm not getting much sleep!  Love this time of year!!


3/3/13 - 4am
Skip has just foaled a beautifully marked black and white stud colt.  He's up, nursing and doing great.