Bev Even is a true horseaholic and has worked around horses since she was a little girl. Like many children, she dreamed of the day when she could have a horse of her own. Not content just playing with toys, she started riding anything with four legs - including her neighbor's unruly pig and her grandmother's white calf Rodeo! She begged and pleaded with anyone in the neighborhood to allow her to ride their horses. As a teenager, she found a part-time job breaking horses, and sometime later, landed the opportunity to work with Thoroughbreds at the racetrack as a warm-up girl.

She married her high school sweetheart Larry, and together they began raising Appaloosas in the mid-1970's. Her natural talent for recognizing quality bloodlines combined with her years of experience in the equine industry paid off more quickly than anyone expected when Skip A Lace, one of the foals she had bred and raised, went on to become a National Champion Mare only a couple of years after they began their first breeding program. Bev and Larry continued to show and raise Appaloosas for themselves and other clients well into the 1990's.

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They eventually adapted their program to focus on raising APHA and AQHA horses that can halter and perform. Their daughter Kandy was riding horses before she could walk, and continues to help her parents with their breeding and showing operation. Today, the tradition continues with Karley and Evie, Kandy's own daughters, who just love to ride and show -- apparently, the horseaholic gene is dominant in this family!

Even Haven Horses will raise only a small number of quality AQHA or APHA foals per year.  With their remaining exceptional broodmares each year a new high quality stallion will be chosen to cross on these mares. They have sold horses to Canada, Mexico, and all over the continental US that are making their mark in the show ring.

Even Haven Horses / Madison, SD / Phone: (605) 256-4164/ Cell: (605) 270-1214 / E-mail: evenhavenhorses@gmail.com

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